Tuesday, 5 November 2013

title sequence 3

the firm

the firm movie is one of my favourite films due to its subject of being football hooligans which i find quite interesting, the title sequence of the film starts during the film and stops after the first minute and then starts again after bex has had a conversation with yeti. the music in the title sequence is very jolly and upbeat. the plot of the film is given away in the title sequence as the conversation between bex and yeti gave it away with the threats said to each other.

the mise-en-scene is 80s old school where they would wear fila and ellesse tracksuits with the adidas trainers. also the way that bex was talking to yeti was aggressive and to his wife he was reassuring. the setting of the sequence was old school 80s which is shown by how the house looked and the telephone box.
the target audience for this film is specific and not public as its not a general subject that most people relate onto, the audience for the film would be mostly football fans as its subject is football hooliganism.
the film was distributed by warner bros studios and the studio used was vertigo films, which is a british films production company.

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