Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Michael Jackson- Thriller

this music video is one of the most iconic videos of all time with the choreography of the dance moves and mise-en scene used in the video. the video starts with a sentence saying about how it does not go with his beliefs and then the title of the song and Michael Jacksons name fades onto the screen in a dark blood-like red. a tracking shot is then used to track the shiny car driving round a corner and suddenly running out of gas. it then has diagetic sound where Michael is talking to a girl while walking down a road. As the clouds clear he sees a full moon and changes appearance from a young man into a hairy grizzly werewolf, this is done by special effects and mise-en-scene. we know this due to the change in his appearance from being all cleanly shaved to becoming hairy and gruelling with his claws and hair all over his body. also the change of his eyes was used as he had white eyes to yellow eyes. this would change the emotion of the girl as she would now be petrified of Michael as he is completely different to what he first looked like. the mise-en-scene throughout the video was of the 1950s and the scenery was dark and gloomy. the shots used in the video was long shot, medium shot, close up and extreme close up, with there also being tracking shots, pan shots and eye level shots.

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