Monday, 4 November 2013

Timeline for Step Brothers opening scene

for my first task i have been asked to do a timeline of three opening movie sequences. the first movie i have chosen is step brothers. step brothers is a comedy about two 40 year olds who still live with their parents which get married and become step brothers and become from worst enemies to best friends.

0:00- quote giving insight on what the movie is about which is family.

0:03-0:06 it shows production studio which is columbia pictures

0:07-0:15 it then shows three other production companies which were relativity media, apatow company/ media group production and Gary Sanchez.

0:16-0:19 it now shows the film was written by Adam Mckay

0:26 the music starts when the microwave is turned on, the music goes on throughout the opening scene.

0:29-0:33 one of the main characters are shown in the picture with his name in the picture aswell

0:34-0:37 the other main character is now shown in the picture with his name in the picture also

0:38-1:10 co stars names are now appearing during the scene which shows that they are not as important in the film as Will Ferrell and John C.Reilly

1:13-1:15 casting is now shown

1:18-1:20 costume designer is then shown

1:22-1:24 music supervision is shown also

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