Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Final film

evaluation question 7

evaluation question 6

evaluation question 5


evaluation question 4

evaluation question 3

Q3-What Kind of Media institutions Might distribute your Product and Why?

During the investigation I have looked at many distribution and production companies when designing the logos for our production/ distribution so it is self produced but getting it to be distributed we would have to look at either an independent company who supports upcoming film makers they might be able to bet u in contact with their distributors, as there are many media convergences if it would cost to much to distribute the film by disk I could have it distributed on streaming websites like Amazon Prime Instant or Netflix because this is . If it is distributed by disk we would probably be looking at companies like Bleep who are associated with Warp Films as they only have to produce what is paid for so this is a cost effective way of making a name of yourself, another way of distributing your film is at film festivals like Bath Film Festival or Raindance as they enable the Independent film community if we could screen the movie the movie their it could gather a cult following which might lead to success. If negatively reviewed it could still gather a cult following like Birdemic which spawned a sequel because of terrible effects.

evaluation question 2

evaluation question 1

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

risk assessment

Call Sheet


for our opening sequence we had to find a location where we would have to shoot it. we came up with three locations. these being my house, Kayles' house and Rudys' house. after a long discussion saying what house would be best. we all decided in the end that we would use Rudys house as it is in a good location where our plot would best fit in.
these are the three locations:
Rudys house

Kayles house

My house:

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Filming Day 3

We filmed shot numbers 9, 10, 11 and 12 and we struggled with the lighting for a bit because the strong lighting in the house as it being late a night for the full effect of our movie being a thriller. There was not a lot of material left to film  on the third day as we had already accumulated enough footage meaning we would run over the 2 minute timing of the opening sequence but after editing shots not needed we felt this would not be a huge problem.


filming day 2

On the second day of filming we managed to film shot numbers 5, 6, 7, 8 from the shooting script. we had some issues filming the shot where we had ruddy talking on the phone and also kayle, other than that minor problem it was still a successful day shooting as we felt the shots and diegetic sound that we captured worked really well with the plot as tension is built naturally without any editing or non-diegetic sound.


Filming Day 1

Referring to the shooting script on the first day of filming we managed to achieve the filming of shot numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. filming on day 1 was successful but some errors were made but can be redone and improved.

shooting script

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Title Choice

These are the ideas for the title of our opening sequence:
Through the Window
The Watching
I Can See You
Phone Call
Don't Look Now

As a group we came up with these ideas for a title, we preferred the titles that were just one phrase as there is a lot more mystery surrounding them and a singular word has more impact then a two or more.  We decide to use the title 'Watched' as it appeared most relevant to our sequence and the rest of the film so it fit.  It also has a lot of mystery involved with it as the film could be about a number of plots.

opening plot

Beginning - Boy believes he is being watch and stalked by a group of mysterious hooded people, even in his own house.  Believes it could be psychological and all in his head.

Middle - Goes to a psychiatrist and various other counselling sessions including hospital for a psyche evaluation to see if he has any mental issues or if he is actually being followed.

End - Gets the police involved but still the stalking goes on until the boy is convinced he has lost his mind, been driven to insanity.  The demons get too much and he sadly takes his own life.

Monday, 3 March 2014


for our film we do not have or need a budget, we are luckily enough getting given a camera and tripod from our media department and also the house will be free as its one of our houses so we wont need to pay for it. If we had got a huge budget we may of been able to introduce special effects into the film and also better camera shots may be introduced.

music choices

the music choices that we have chose have not yet been chosen but will come off of www.incompetech.com


black mask

the equipment used will be as followed:

black tracksuit

location reece

the location chosen for our opening sequence is going to be one of my groups houses, this is going to be at Rudys' house as it has good scenery which will work well with our movie

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

opening sequence pitch feedback

for our presentation we received quite a lot of feedback, this all being constructive criticism. we had got told to put our work more in depth as it isn't constructed that well. also we got told to improve on our detail of the script and all the characters. in order to show how were going to improve we are going to do another presentation

Opening Sequence Pitch

preliminary task

Monday, 24 February 2014

production logo

this is the production logo which has been created for out movie sequence. this will be shown during the title sequence.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

man trying to fight psychological demons in his head to find its a never ending battle he cannot win
start of the film, a man starts freaking out as he starts seeing figures in weird places this makes him wonder why this is happening

in the middle of the film, the man goes to see some psychiatric centre to see what's wrong with him, he finds out that he has mental problems doing with supernatural things going on so 

at the end of the film, the man is still trying to fight his demons and cannot carry on fighting so he decides not to fight them anymore and takes his life, as you see him on the floor you see the figure standing over him.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

script for plot

main character wakes up

looks outside

sees figure

walks away then turns back and looks again

figure disappears

turns round and makes his way downstairs

goes to kitchen

phone rings he answers it, says "hello"

phone cuts off

walks away and phone rings again

answers phone again says "hello"

mate replies saying "you alright mate its jack"

main character replies "sweet jack what you doing?"

mate replies "nothing much"

main character replies saying "well if you want come round?"

mate says "yeah when shound i come round"

main character replies saying "whenever you want"

mate says "alright ill be round in a bit" *hangs up phone*

main character turns to kitchen gets food out and turns round to see figure by the window

decides to run away into room

door bell goes off

walks to door and opens it

mate standing at door walks in

main character then says "jack you dont know whats just happened!"

jack says "why whats happened?!"

main character then says "as i woke up i looked out my window and saw someone standing by the lamp post, i turned my back for one second and he was gone!, then after i got off the phone to you i got some food out my cupboard and turned around to see him standing by my window!"
jack says "oh shit! what we gunna do?!"
main character says "i have no idea"

scene ends

Casting crew for plot

the casting crew will feature:
1 man as main character
1 man as friend who enters the house
and 1 man who plays the figure who is following the main character

main plot chosen

me and my partners have all came together to choose a plot which we will use my first plot. we have chosen this plot because we feel we could perform this to the best of our abilities.
the storyboard of the plot is:

Monday, 10 February 2014

casting crew for plot 2

casting crew: 1 girl for the main character in the opening sequence
1 man who is laying in the floor in blood

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

second plot storyboard

second plot idea

another plot we could use for our movie sequence could be a girl sitting in a corner crying with voices shouting and tormenting her in the background, then you see a camera shot showing her father laying on the floor dead with blood coming from his head and afterwards a close up is taken of the girls face wiping the tears away and looking angry and mad.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

first plot

our plot for our opening sequence is going to be related to the genre of thriller.
the plot for the opening sequence is going to be about a bloke laying in bed and wakes up and smokes a fag and then starts hearing voices in his head, he goes to the window and sees a figure by the lamp post and then walks away and turns back to him not being there. then he goes downstairs to eat and the voices carry on, then his phone goes off and when he picks it up it cuts off, then it rings again its his mate. after he turns to go to the cupboard to see a figure next the window, he freaks out and gets a knock at his door to find his mates outside and lets him and then it stops.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Cast List

cast list

producers: Alex Lengthorn, Rudy Kavanagh and Kayle.

main characters that have been chosen are both Rudy Kavanagh and also Kayle Greetham. Rudy will be playing as the part of which he is having the mental breakdown in the film and Kayle will be playing as the mate who comes round and also the masked figure that is following Rudy.

i will be doing the filming as i feel i could get the best shots needed for the film.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Pre Production ideas

for my pre production ideas i am asked to blog on topics such as:
shooting script
crew selection
call sheet
location recce
test shoot
music choices
risk assessment
and also budget.

these factors are all important for my film sequence, which i am filming with my partners Kayle and Rudy.