Tuesday, 28 January 2014

first plot

our plot for our opening sequence is going to be related to the genre of thriller.
the plot for the opening sequence is going to be about a bloke laying in bed and wakes up and smokes a fag and then starts hearing voices in his head, he goes to the window and sees a figure by the lamp post and then walks away and turns back to him not being there. then he goes downstairs to eat and the voices carry on, then his phone goes off and when he picks it up it cuts off, then it rings again its his mate. after he turns to go to the cupboard to see a figure next the window, he freaks out and gets a knock at his door to find his mates outside and lets him and then it stops.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Cast List

cast list

producers: Alex Lengthorn, Rudy Kavanagh and Kayle.

main characters that have been chosen are both Rudy Kavanagh and also Kayle Greetham. Rudy will be playing as the part of which he is having the mental breakdown in the film and Kayle will be playing as the mate who comes round and also the masked figure that is following Rudy.

i will be doing the filming as i feel i could get the best shots needed for the film.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Pre Production ideas

for my pre production ideas i am asked to blog on topics such as:
shooting script
crew selection
call sheet
location recce
test shoot
music choices
risk assessment
and also budget.

these factors are all important for my film sequence, which i am filming with my partners Kayle and Rudy.