Tuesday, 11 February 2014

script for plot

main character wakes up

looks outside

sees figure

walks away then turns back and looks again

figure disappears

turns round and makes his way downstairs

goes to kitchen

phone rings he answers it, says "hello"

phone cuts off

walks away and phone rings again

answers phone again says "hello"

mate replies saying "you alright mate its jack"

main character replies "sweet jack what you doing?"

mate replies "nothing much"

main character replies saying "well if you want come round?"

mate says "yeah when shound i come round"

main character replies saying "whenever you want"

mate says "alright ill be round in a bit" *hangs up phone*

main character turns to kitchen gets food out and turns round to see figure by the window

decides to run away into room

door bell goes off

walks to door and opens it

mate standing at door walks in

main character then says "jack you dont know whats just happened!"

jack says "why whats happened?!"

main character then says "as i woke up i looked out my window and saw someone standing by the lamp post, i turned my back for one second and he was gone!, then after i got off the phone to you i got some food out my cupboard and turned around to see him standing by my window!"
jack says "oh shit! what we gunna do?!"
main character says "i have no idea"

scene ends

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